Mer Des Dieux, or MDD for short, is a ready-to-wear brand based in Toronto. French for “Sea of Gods” MDD seamlessly blends vivid colours, smooth silhouettes, and unique materials with designs inspired by aquatic life and marine exploration. 

MDD was established in 2018 by two childhood friends; Pierre Bimwala and Andrew Nyarko whose parents immigrated from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Ghana respectively. Both of these men are influenced by their African heritage which is evident in their designs. A love of anime, sports and nature (particularly the ocean) were ways these two creators escaped the perils of where they grew up and built resilience as young adults. These concepts paired with Afro-futurism are the leading inspiration behind MDD. 

To ensure minimal environmental impact, Mer Des Dieux uses eco-conscious fabrics and raw materials, and proposes improved practices on creating quality garments.

Combining a passion for design and ethic of care for eco-sustainability, MDD commits 10% of yearly sales from pieces associated with their Aquatic Initiatives to be donated to aquatic preservation in their local communities and global waters.